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Armand Guillaumin. Les Rochers rouges. Lithographie signée.

Purchase & expert  assessment offers free estimates for your rare books, prints, drawings and paintings.

We evaluate your goods from photographs and you will receive your estimate within a week.

Depending on the value and the rarity of your objects, we may offer to purchase them or suggest a consignment agreement using our on-line sales platform.

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Also, take advantage of our art brokerage and consulting services through our numerous partnerships with auction houses and various industry professionals.

We provide estimates for items you wish to sell. The estimates given are market-based and overall estimates.

For detailed appraisals or in-depth research, the service is fee-based.

You can reach us directly at +33 (0)1 83 56 18 79

or by email :

You can also send us a photograph of the work to be appraised directly via the form below:

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